Offer no.: 110312BZ

Province: Warmińsko-Mazurskie
Surface: 56 ha
Class of land III: 8
Class of land III b: 2
Class of land IV: 16
Class of land IV a: 6
Class of land IV b: 14
Class of land V: 5,5
Class of land VI: 3
Price: 184 332 EUR Ask a question »

56 ha of agricultural land in warmińsko-mazurskie province near Grabowo (several interconnected parcels). Land not cultivated and not submitted for payments, with two old farm buildings (one fully usable, the other has only walls). Soil quality classes: 24 ha of arable land (IIIb -2 ha, Iva- 6 ha, IVb -14 ha, V- 2 ha), meadows V- 1,5 ha; 20 ha of pasture (III- 8 ha, IV- 12 ha); 7 ha of forests and planting (IV -4 ha, V- 2 ha, VI- 1 ha); 2 ha of built-up area; 1 ha of wastelands. There is a possibility of purchasing on preferential credit. Further information: +48 511 155 439- Bartek Jankowski- land trading adviser.

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