Offer no.: 061111R

Province: Warmińsko-Mazurskie
Surface: 175 ha
Class of land III: 4 ha
Class of land IV: 9 ha
Class of land IV a: 43 ha
Class of land IV b: 75 ha
Class of land V: 27 ha
Class of land VI: 2 ha
Price: 720 349 EUR Ask a question »

175 ha of agricultural land situated near Świdwin in zachodniopomorskie province, 30 ha of which is separated from the rest of about 10 kilometres. Soil quality classes: arable land 140 ha ( 42 ha of IVa, 75 ha of IV b, 22 ha of V , 2,5 ha of VI), 1,5 ha of meadows, 12 ha of forests, 2,4 ha of built-up area. The land is fertilized and sown: 55 ha of rapeseed, 14 ha of oats, 26 ha of buckwheat, 70 ha of rye. Direct supportive payments: 280 000 PLN a year ( the farm not covered by the program Natura 2000). Total price is 3 097 500 PLN, which is 17 700 per ha (the price of buildings included). There are both residential and farm buildings: 200 m2 freshly reconditioned, one- storey house, 600 m2 barn, 300m2 cowshed, a woodshed, a workshop and a garage ( for three tractors). There is no possibility of purchasing on preferential credit. Further information: +48 511 155 439- Bartek Jankowski- land trading adviser.

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