Offer no.: ZAG02077

Province: Zachodniopomorskie
Surface: 400 ha
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OVER 400 ha of agricultural land in Zachodniopomorskie province. The team of several interconnected parcels located within the West Pomeranian Province. The land is currently cultivated for agriculture. Back to soil mixed: b RIII, Riva b, RV, LV, PsIV, PsVI, W, N. Purpose of parcels in accordance with the Local Municipality Spatial Development Plan: - Number of plots is in part intended as an area of ??the location of wind power towers and technical infrastructure needed for normal operation, while non residential location or other intended for human residence. - Areas of field crops - Production and marketing center rolictwa. - Arable land - Centers of agricultural production as a zone of economic activity (including residential and service area) UNIQUE PROPERTY DUE TO LOCATION AND SURFACE. REAL ESTATE OFFICE CHARGES COVER IN WHOLE SELLER. EXCLUSIVE OFFER. Contact: +48 501 290 609

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